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And what's your academic background?

How many years of College or University have you completed? *

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What is the best phone number to reach you?

Which School of Ministry Track interests you the most?

If you had to pick a second school of ministry track, which would you choose?

How did you hear about the School of Ministry for the first time?

Who told you about the program?

What New Life Church campus do you attend? *

How many years have you served in ministry?

Have you served at New Life Church?

What are your top three areas of service at New Life Church? And how many years have you served in that area?

Area #1?

Number of years in area #1?

Area #2?

Number of years in area #2?

Area #3?

Number of years in area #3?

What has kept you from serving at New Life Church?

How would you rate yourself on your ability to ...

... build and lead a team?

... stay positive under pressure?

... proactively reach out and help others?

... come up with creative solutions?

... get things done fast?

What do you believe God has called you to do with your life?

If you could see yourself working anywhere at New Life Church, whose job would you want; in which city? If the position doesn't exist, what position would you create?

What is your definition of a servant? What part does being a servant play in your life?

What are five character qualities that you would like to instill in those that you are leading?

Strong communication is an incredibly important attribute of any leader, especially at New Life Church. Please identify and define three communication standards that you feel you must maintain as a leader.

You're almost there! We only need a few more things from you!

As a part of the application we ask that you provide us with the name of your campus pastor as a reference along with two other references of your choice. 

This is the link to the reference form to be sent (please follow up with these individuals to make sure they recieve it and fill it out):

Campus Pastor?

Campus Pastor email?

Reference #2?

Reference #2 email?

Reference #3?

Reference #3 email?

Curious about the cost of the program? The cost is $500 per semester and the application fee of $150 is due within seven days of applying.

What Payment Plan would you prefer to use? We would encourage you to pay the entire yearly amount upfront ($1,000 first year + $150 application fee). Monthly payment plan is available. *

Are you an employee at New Life Church?

Are you full-time?

And last but not least, please upload a picture of yourself! We accept a professional headshot, bathroom selfies, yearbook photos, etc. *

You did it! Thank you for filling out our School of Ministry Application! Be on the lookout for an email with the next step in the application process. If you have any questions feel free to contact us at
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